Why We Built VenueHero.co

By: Uche Aniche   on   May 11, 2016


In early 2015, I started building venuehero.co – a project to help event organisers quickly book and pay for venues. Our culture of connectedness means we are a party people. The event industry is growing in leaps and bounds and there needs to be a way of simplifying activities using technology. Venue is at the heart of these activities.

The goal is to provide a platform that:
1. Enables speedy booking and payment for event halls & venues people already know and love.
2. Connects People in different cities to great venues in other cities other than their city of residence.

VenueHero.co – Inspiration

The inspiration came after I assisted in booking venues for Entreprise Development Centre (Pan-Atlantic University) and a couple of their partnering companies (including Etisalat and Ecobank) for their events in Port Harcourt.

In a couple of days, we’ll officially launch the platform to the general public. The team scattered across Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt have worked very hard to build venuehero.co – I look forward to this launch.

Strategic Partnership with Venue Owners

We have strategic partnerships with all our partnering venues. We will launch with a couple of high-profile venues across Lagos, Port Harcourt & Abuja for a start and will feature venues suitable for different types of events including corporate training and kiddies activities.

We will grow our inventory significantly in the days ahead – however, we are not a regular listing website and won’t be accepting every venue. We aim to build trust and make it possible for our users to trust our description of venues to them. We will only work with venues that pledge to abide by our basic acceptable standards. We will deploy the best technology available and optimise the user experience while they use our venues.

While we have stayed away from building an all out event portal – we’ll work with a lot of event vendors and platforms. We are already in talks with a couple of platforms – so, if you are into events in whatever shade, please reach out.

In due course, we will acknowledge everyone that helped us. More details will follow shortly.

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