The Diary of a ‘Wanna-Be’ Lagos Big Girl -PT1

By: Anita Robinson   on   January 30, 2017 the diary of a wanna-be lagos big girl

So every weekend, I’m literally bored and looking for where to escape to. You can’t blame me; I’m a 27-year-old single lady still living with her parents. At least I have a full-time job, so I don’t have to see their faces every second. Thank God.

So it’s an early Saturday morning and I’m lying in bed thinking of my schedule for the day. I need to figure something out before momsie finds a way to send me and take my whole day. Naturally, I brought up my contact list. I had 4 options: I could either hang out with the boring rich guy, broke but funny guy or the divorced one with plenty drama. Then there was the option of gatecrashing a wedding with my naughty girlfriend. Anyways, I opted to go for the wedding. I mean! I had this hot dress I had been dying to wear plus you know there are always hot single men at weddings *wink*

Spent the next three hours tidying up and doing general house chores. Now it was time to bathe and slay! My sparkling midnight blue dress was all shades of fire! Two hours later I’m all set and waiting for my friend to pick me up. I’m a bit apprehensive so I while away time by taking bomb photos and replying messages. The naughty girl finally arrives and we head out.

Hope this place we are going to is nice o” I tease her as we head towards the island. I didn’t want to have any regrets. It was already enough that I was doing ‘mogbo moya’. She didn’t even answer me. To my greatest surprise, we stopped at Lagos Oriental Hotel. You can imagine my inner woman doing backflips. I just used to pass it before, now I was entering inside. Imagine my joy!! My friend was just smiling and said I should maintain and trust her. I’m too sure I was looking sheepish. Lol Smh for me. Sha moving on! Next prayer was that they should not even embarrass us. This was obviously an elite high society wedding. If you see the cars that were parked there. I had already spotted a few actors and celebrities.

We eventually found our way to the particular hall and were met by 2 big bouncers. In fact I had already died inside. I mean what did I expect before? See the venue now...My friend calmly produced a silver scroll and showed one of the guys. They let us pass. Or rather I was still standing there and she had started going inside. I was SHOOK!

Trust me now, I caught up with her and asked HOW?. She just winked at me. I told y’all she was naughty didn’t I? Now onto the main business of the day…The DJ was amazeballs and let me not get started on the food! All sorts, ranging from small chops to peppered snails (my favourite btw) to ice cream cake to lots of unrecognisable continental dishes. There was even Russian caviar. Overall sha I had lots of fun, I bonded with a hot guy over ice cream and I think he might be the one 😉 Have I mentioned that the music was awesome? My snaps were literally on fire. And let me not talk of the venue itself. You can check here

I won’t even lie, I went home – sad and oppressed that day…
To be continued…

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