Diary of a Wannabe Lagos Big Girl – Lifted Hands

By: VenueHero   on   April 21, 2017

lifted hands

So, I visited my cousin, Oroma in Port Harcourt this one time. It was one of those trips that stay memorable even after many others because of an important discovery made.

Oroma is a junior associate at a large Law firm in PH city. Needless to say she is doing well, well enough to offer her ‘wakabout’ cousin an ‘all-expense’ paid trip to the oil city. Let’s just say, she falls into the work-hard-play-hard category – only that she takes this trend to the next level. Oroma doesn’t just work and play hard, she prays hard too. Ever heard the saying, party by night, pray by day? Yep. That’s my cousin.

You could find her on a Friday or Saturday night in a club rocking very hard and on Sunday morning leading praise and worship in her mega city church – lifting holy hands. Oh Please! Don’t judge! Some people just like to do as much as they can while they can. Life is too short, after all.

So, during this visit, Oroma tells me one of their music ministers in church – a popular gospel artiste, was having an album launch that weekend. “I know it’s not your kind of scene sha…” she says, “…but there will be red carpet and paparazzi, plus many deep pockets. You’ll love it.”

She knows me too well! (LOL). Church scene or not, I’m not one to turn down an invitation to wherever it is happening. I don’t just live for events, I make a living out of them.

If I was having second thoughts about this particular event, my doubts would have gone out the window once we arrived at the venue on the D-day. The Dome is reputed to be one of the best event centres in Port Harcourt and I could immediately see why. The structure itself is an architectural masterpiece, housing a restaurant, bar/lounge, and a massive hall – all in one.

The Dome is a beautiful and modern venue great for Weddings, Concerts and more

The Dome is a beautiful and modern venue great for Weddings, Concerts and more

The red carpet is underway already as we walk in and I quickly get to work. Click. Click. Click. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. No time to waste. Better to share as e dey happen. When we’re finally ushered into the Dada Ballroom for the event proper, I’m completely blown away by the magnificence of the hall. From the beautiful interior decorated mostly in white to the LED walls, high-shine custom-made stage, powerful lightings, and flawless sound system, this is what dream music concerts are made of.

The seats are arranged theatre style so we’re all facing the same direction. When the music minister finally mounts the stage, we join her to lift hands (both holy and unholy, who cares?), worshipping and waiting for the anointing to fall.

Two rows away, on the opposite column, a lady is lost in worship, lifted hands high above her head, tears streaming down her cheeks – her faced raised towards heaven. She is, as they say it, completely slain in the spirit. At least that’s what I thought until her right hand went down and came back up with her phone. Eyes still closed, she takes several shots, her camera flashing rapidly. Shocked, I look around to see if anyone else is watching her, but discover she’s not the only one capturing the heavenly moment in 2D. Talk about picture whores!

Oroma nudges me quietly, drawing my attention away from Sister Slain-in-the-spirit and the others. She tells me to lift my hands and waive above my head.

“Your left hand,” she specifies.

Later, she would explain that single ladies like us lift only their left hands when they worship so that all parties concerned will see that there is no ring there. It is a clear message to both God and man – I am single and searching, do something!

For now, I simply do what I’m told and wave my left hand above my head. I remember the French-tip nails and beautiful nude nail polish I have on my fingers and lifted my hand higher. Whatever is worth showing is worth showing well.

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