By: Chika M.   on   January 19, 2017 Cool Places to Hang out In The Garden City

We can all agree that the month of January is doing its own Mannequin Challenge. It’s so annoying! Like can the month of love be here already? We all suffer from stress in one way or the other and are looking to find calm in the hustle and bustle of the city. Well, it’s the weekend already and with it comes football matches, relaxation, chills and of course weddings. You may have come from another city to support/attend a friend’s wedding – we understand. Find some inner peace and tranquillity at these Cool Places to hang out in the Garden City. From lounges and parks to restaurants, these places are sure to help you chill out. Coolest Places to Hang out In Port Harcourt


My first choice would definitely be food related! You are definitely not a Port Harcourt citizen if you haven’t tried the infamous Bole. If you are visiting for the first time, I can assure you that you won’t remain the same. There are numerous spots you can get this amazing delicacy from, ranging from roadside mummies to ‘tush’ spots inside GRA complete with POS machines. However, if you want your bole in classy and more befitting conditions, Bole King is one of the Cool places to Hang out in the Garden City. It is located at 10 Omoku Street, D-Line, PH. Coolest Places to Hang out In Port Harcourt - Asia Town

Asia Town

Food again! By now you must have guessed that I’m quite the foodie. Rightly so! If you are a lover of good food and a great ambiance like my humble self, then you must definitely check this out. Asides a mouth watering Chinese menu with a venue that can be used to host various kinds of events. Lest I forget, please go along with friends, except you are ready to eat Chinese for the next two days 😉 Asia Town makes my list of the Cool places to hang out in the garden city. Can be found at Old GRA ; 10 Forces Avenue, Port Harcourt. Coolest Places to Hang out In Port Harcourt

Cubana Lounge

This is definitely a great place to spend your Saturday. Their barbecued fish is literally to die for. It’s a beautiful and cozy place to relax and can be used for hangouts, birthdays, name it. If you love dancing and partying, it also has a club for you. They also have beautiful halls for your weddings, seminars and conferences. It is along Abacha Road, GRA . Coolest Places to Hang out In Port Harcourt

Jevnik Restaurant

For lovers of African delicacies and large servings, this is the perfect place for you. Jevinik also boasts of a top notch event centre where you can have your birthdays, parties, weddings and what not. It is conveniently located opposite the Genesis Centre which boast of a cinema, restaurants and various attractions.

Isaac Boro Park

Named after Isaac Adaka Boro, the park is a public park and outdoor recreation area. It is ideal for picnics and it’s a cool place to be when it’s not too sunny. The park is a great place to spend a day with friends. Statues of military personnel and various weapons are amongst a few of the sights to see in the park. Coolest Places to Hang out In Port Harcourt

Sweet Tooth Confectioneries

As the name implies, it’s for those with a sweet tooth. Think cake, ice cream, yoghurt, waffles etc…. Great ambience, great staff and soothing music with lots of options to choose from. A perfect place to spend your day if you have kids. It is also very close to the Genesis Centre at GRA, Port Harcourt.

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