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What Is EventrabNG – Venuehero Team

By: VenueHero   on   January 2, 2017

So, I came on Twitter and noticed a trending hashtag EventrabNG. As usual, my curiosity got the better of me and I went straight to check the URL. I noticed the ‘Coming Soon’ page and nothing more. If you are as curious as me about hashtag EventrabNG, kindly signup to our mailing list and we’d […]


Why We Built VenueHero.co

By: Uche Aniche   on   May 11, 2016

Background In early 2015, I started building venuehero.co – a project to help event organisers quickly book and pay for venues. Our culture of connectedness means we are a party people. The event industry is growing in leaps and bounds and there needs to be a way of simplifying activities using technology. Venue is at […]


VenueHero.co: Launching Shortly…

By: VenueHero   on   May 8, 2016

Yeah…it’s been a while coming. We will be launching shortly. The team has worked really hard behind the scene to make the whole experience worth your while. Thanks for waiting. A detailed blog post would follow to explain what we are trying to do and why it should matter. Stay tuned!


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