lifted hands

Diary of a Wannabe Lagos Big Girl – Lifted Hands

By: VenueHero   on   April 21, 2017

So, I visited my cousin, Oroma in Port Harcourt this one time. It was one of those trips that stay memorable even after many others because of an important discovery made. Oroma is a junior associate at a large Law firm in PH city. Needless to say she is doing well, well enough to offer […]

Everything And Everybody Changes - Alifa Marquee, Abuja

Diary of A Wannabe Lagos Big Girl – Everything And Everybody Changes

By: VenueHero   on   March 28, 2017

You know that saying, everything and everybody changes? Well, it’s a lie. Feel free to argue with your ancestors. Me, I know what I’m saying. After meeting with old classmates for the first time in ten years and spending a weekend with them I have concluded that heaven and earth may pass away but some […]

EventrabNG - Venues in Ikeja

What Is EventrabNG – Venuehero Team

By: VenueHero   on   January 2, 2017

So, I came on Twitter and noticed a trending hashtag EventrabNG. As usual, my curiosity got the better of me and I went straight to check the URL. I noticed the ‘Coming Soon’ page and nothing more. If you are as curious as me about hashtag EventrabNG, kindly signup to our mailing list and we’d […]

More - Venues In Asaba

Say Hello To Venues In Asaba On

By: VenueHero   on   December 16, 2016

As a little boy, Asaba had a special place in my heart. Living with my aunt in Onitsha, I looked forward to visiting Asaba to explore the fun my cousin and his friends enjoyed when they visit the town. Today we open up our growing list of Venues in Asaba on Strategically located on […]

Nigerian Event Safety Summit

Nigerian Event Safety Summit 2016: named official partner

By: VenueHero   on   June 20, 2016

Nigeria’s leading online venue booking startup, has been appointed the official partner of this year’s Nigerian Event Safety Summit scheduled to hold on July 5th and 6th at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry building in Lagos. provides simple venue booking solution online for the general public, event planners and venue owners. […]

The Dome Port Harcourt To Host Market Access via VenueHero

VenueHero Delivers The Dome To EDC for Market Access, Port Harcourt

By: VenueHero   on   May 12, 2016

In keeping with our mission of connecting event organisers with great venues – VenueHero just concluded a transaction with Enterprise Development Centre for The Dome Event Centre to host #MarketAccess Port Harcourt 2016. This follows the deal from last year that inspired the building of our platform. It’s but a few days before we officially […]

More Launching Shortly…

By: VenueHero   on   May 8, 2016

Yeah…it’s been a while coming. We will be launching shortly. The team has worked really hard behind the scene to make the whole experience worth your while. Thanks for waiting. A detailed blog post would follow to explain what we are trying to do and why it should matter. Stay tuned!


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